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How to choose the lens for Fiber laser marking machine

The fiber laser marking machine is becoming popular,many people choose to use it in their production. Lens is an important part of the machine. The common lenses in laser marking machines are 50 * 50, 110 * 110, 160 * 160, 220 * 220, 300 * 300, 500 * 500, etc. So How to choose the lens for Fiber laser marking machine? here sharing with you:

There are many factor affecting us to choose lens:

First,the size of the specific marked object,and size of marking range required.

Second,the precision of processing and the overall matching of equipment are required.

Third,focal length is related to working distance.But the focal length is not equal to the working distance. When the object is larger and the marking range is enlarging. So the lens is also relatively larger. Manufacturers usually like to scan and mark large areas.

How to choose the lens of fiber laser engraver:

First,we cannot only choose the large lens. Many people think larder is bigger. That is not true.If you only increase the scanning area, there will be many problems. When the scanning area reaches a certain degree, the light spot diameter is very large, not sufficiently fine. Because the spot becomes large,the distortion increases,so the power density of laser decreases rapidly, and the working distance lengthens. This inevitably leads to the loss of laser energy. So it doesn’t conducive to precision machining.
Second, you should also consider the overall configuration of your equipment when selecting the focal length. If your equipment is a laser marking machine and a 10 W fiber marking machine, it is recommended that the lens should not exceed 300 * 300 mm. The larger the lens of the laser, the greater the consumption of the laser, and the poor quality of the light beam, the lower the marking effect.

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