Choose a suitable laser marking machine with suitable power-Ethan

With the era of century of laser,we’ll use laser marking machine in many situation.And we need to choose a suitable laser marking machine with suitable power.

1.How to choose a suitable laser marking machine

If you need to mark on metal and engineering plastics, you can choose fiber laser marking machine. If you need to mark on non-metal, CO2 laser marking machine is a good choice. Although the fiber laser marking machine can also mark on non-metal, this kind of printed markings will deviate from the color of the material itself.  And the CO2 laser marking machine will not.

Second, choose the right laser:

The laser is laser laser marking machine’s core component . It mainly have two kinds: domestic and imported. The imported laser has fast marking speed, long service life and low maintenance cost, but its price is much more expensive than domestic laser. Although the domestic laser is a little worse in these aspects, it can already meet the needs of any domestic industry. Therefore, if it is not particularly strict on the marking requirements, it is recommended that you buy a domestic laser. After all, the imported laser also has problems and it is not convenient to repair.

2.How to choose a laser marking machine with suitable power

Firstly, look at what material depth you need to mark:

For example, if you are using a fiber laser marking machine, the power of 20W can only mark 1~2mm on the work piece. If it is outside this range, you need to use a 50W or 100W laser. For example, if you want to use a CO2 laser marking machine to mark deeper marks, you must use a laser of more power.

Then,the speed also has influences,For quicker speed,we need more power

Therefore, if you choose a suitable laser marking machine and choose the right power, you can save money and meet the production needs. Why not!