How to choose the jewelry laser welding machine-Angelina

How to choose the jewelry laser welding machine

In recent days, more and more customer ask the  the jewelry laser welding machine, they don’t know how to choose the machine , and make me give them the suggestion. Today I want to share some information:

How to help them select the jewelry laser welding machine?

First of all, let’s me show u some of photo of the machine:

All in one type All in one typeDesktop


The video:

The price of the jewelry laser welding machine

This three kinds of machine is different in price, the desktop in the most expensive ,the detached one is the most cheap.When introduce the jewelry laser welding machine to them, we should consider their budget first, then introducing the  relevant products to them. The specification  of the jewelry laser welding machine are nearly same, so the budget should be considered first.

The requirements of the customer

If the customer do not consider the money ,but their personal requirements, then we could introduce the machine in other way.

looking the appearance,the difference of this machine lies in the size. If the room is limited, such as the room of customer is small, we may introduce the desktop type to him, telling his this machine could save the room, easy to carry and etc

Comparing the three kinds of machine , the desktop is the most small, so if the customer does not care of the money, we could introduce this one,

the detached  one , it may occupy some space, comparing with the other two.

The performance of the jewelry laser welding machine

If the customer  cares more about the performance, we could introduce him the performance.Generally speaking, the detached one has higher performance, the desktop has low power, and the all in one type is small, it could injecting water automatically.Different people may have different needs, so we should consider them different needs.