How to choose gas for fiber laser cutting machine-Eason

How to choose gas?

First, consider the auxiliary gas and metal materials to produce chemical reaction, increase the work ability intensity, better processing;
Second, through the gas to remove the equipment from the cutting area slag, cleaning some of the cut seam;
Third, can cool the adjacent area of the cut seam, reduce the size of the heat affected area of the factors occur;
Four, can protect the focus lens, prevent some burning products stained optical lenses.

What are the common auxiliary gases?

Laser cutting machine in the processing of metal sheet, the general can choose nitrogen, oxygen, air these three types of gas as auxiliary gas. Their auxiliary functions are as follows:
Nitrogen: When cutting colored plates, such as stainless steel or aluminum plate, the choice of nitrogen as an auxiliary gas, can play a role in cooling and protection of material auxiliary. Because these materials are easily oxidized to black, adopt nitrogen can largely avoid it happening.
Oxygen: When cutting carbon steel, oxygen can be used because oxygen has the auxiliary effect of cooling and accelerating the combustion to accelerate the cutting. General combustion is required to have oxygen to be able to burn up, for carbon steel containing a large amount of carbon impurities can be accelerated combustion, thus rapid cutting. But it will be largely black.


Air: This is to save costs and use of auxiliary gases, the use of air as an auxiliary gas can be cut stainless steel, but the reverse side will have a small burr, sanded with sandpaper can maximize the accuracy. That is to say, laser cutting machine in cutting a lot of material, can choose air as auxiliary gas.


Types and effects of gases used in laser cutting machines:
1 air: ① as a cutting gas using ② as a cooling cutting head using ③ as a light path for internal dust removal (protect lenses to extend the use of lenses)
2) General oxygen: As a carbon steel cutting gas (combustion-supporting) purity 99.5%
3 Pure nitrogen: As a stainless steel cutting gas (cooling) purity 99.9% (cutting carbon steel speed of 3/4)
4 High Purity nitrogen: As a laser used gas, purity: 99.999%
5 High purity Helium: used as a laser gas, purity: 99.999%
6 High purity Carbon dioxide: As a laser used gas, purity: 99.999%
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