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how to choose a fiber laser marking machine manufacturer

Laser marking machines have become an indispensable laser device in industrial production.

And laser marking machines have become extremely common in industrial applications.

How to choose the right and reasonable price laser equipment among the many laser equipment manufacturers?

Therefore, it is the most concerned issue for consumer to choose a laser marking machine.

The method for rational selection of the laser marking machine is as follows:

1.Selection of fiber laser marking machines

Firstly, the principles to be followed:

1.The product can’t be processed by other methods expect by the laser marking equipment ;

2.The product can be processed by other existing processing methods.

3. You should fully consider the matching process related to laser processing during the processing process;

4. Pay attention to the application of processing technology combined with laser processing and conventional processing, in order to make full use of their respective strengths.

Secondly, the specific requirements when choosing lasers:

1. The laser should output good beam quality, including mode and mode stability;

2. We should consider the laser output power is large enough (this is the key to speed and effect).

Whether the energy is stable or not (usually requires 2% stability, in some cases 1%, in order to process the desired effect);

3. The laser should have high reliability and should be able to work continuously in harsh industrial processing environments;

4. The laser need be easy to maintain, and with the function of fault diagnosis and chain function, besides that the downtime should be short;

5. The laser should be simple and convenient to operate.

For example, control keys are clear in function and can reject illegal operations and protect the laser from damage.

Thirdly, pay attention to quality and service.

Product quality and service are an important part of the company in improving its competitiveness.

Imagine if a company’s laser equipment repair rate is relatively high, then how does such equipment bring profits to the company and create value?

As we all know that the primary factor in purchasing a laser marking machine is the stable performance and good quality.

At present, many small laser marking machine manufacturers have problems with the quality of many products.

2.More details need pay attention when choose fiber laser marking machine

Whether software control is convenient to operate, the connection between computer and laser equipment is convenient and so on.

In addition, there will be different degrees of damage for any laser equipment during using.

That is what we should consider is aftersales service.

In terms of repair after damage, whether the repair is timely and whether the charge is reasonable.

Therefore, before we purchase, we should know about the after-sales service problems of the enterprise through various channels.