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How to choose fiber laser cutting machine for working

How to choose fiber laser cutting machine . Fiber laser cutting machine  are more and more popular  in the worldwide.

so the manufacturers laser cutting machine  are continuously rising.

For customers , thy get confused , how to choose a suitable fiber laser cutting machine for his working

Following we listed some tips  about how to choose fiber  laser   cutting machine

Function of fiber laser cutting machine .-Laser  source

Fiber laser cutting machine  can cut metal material , stainless steel , carbon steel , aluminum , copper ,brass ,Galvanized sheet and so on.

According  to different  metal thickness , the laser power will  be different.

First    from 500W to  3KW or  4KW , such as stainless steel , 500W can cut up to  3mm , and  4kw can cut  upto 14 mm thickness .

Second, there have hard and high reflection  metal .

Such as stainless , carbon are hard steel ,and aluminum , copper are high reflection material , ot need to use nLIGHT  laser source , this kind of laser source are mainly designed  for   high reflection material .

Fiber laser cutting machine , the most important part is laser source , the value can occupy 60% of  the whole machine .so if you use common laser source , like Raycus , IPG , Max to cut the  aluminum , copper  everyday ,this back to the principle of fiber  laser cutting machine work.

when cutting , the light  from the laser source to the cutting head and to the metal plate, the metal plate  absorb the light . and the high reflection material will makes part of the light get beck to the laser source, so the laser source will get  influenced . after long time  running , the laser source will get damaged.

So tell the manufacturers your main metal material is very important,and to let the manufacturers give  you  advise.

If your  main metal material is stainless steel and carbon steel , and  sometimes need to cut aluminum, choose Raycus ,IPG or Max  laser source are ok.Just try to keep the machine  in  clean and  dry room ,also the room temperature  need  to be controlled .

How to choose fiber laser cutting machine  – Cutting head

The cutting head is another  Sensitive parts, also important for the cutting machine  .

There have auto focus and manual focus cutting head.

auto focus head  is when the first time to  cut , you need to lead in the  focus point of the related thickness  .

So  next time , when cutting  same thickness , the auto focus will find the focus directly

How to choose fiber laser cutting machine  – Software

For the software , some company will  use the  Own research and development software, to compare with the public  software, it price will be more higher , and also if the software have any problem , they are the only one who can solve the problems .the advantage is  maybe the  function of the software will more perfect, because they have the  Researchers can pay their attention on the software improved .


fiber laser cutting machine
fiber laser cutting machine



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