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How to choose fiber laser cutting machine nozzles

How to choose fiber laser cutting machine nozzles.

Let us first understand the role of the nozzle in the cutting.
First of all, we must know that the focus laser and high-pressure airflow are from the laser head nozzle.
It mainly has the following effects.

Firstly:Through the internal shape of the laser head nozzle, the airflow direction and air pressure of the high pressure airflow are to maintain the pressure between the work piece and the nozzle.

Secondly:The work piece melt is prevented from splashing back into the laser head to protect the internal lens of the laser head.

Thirdly:The capacitor signal is to the height adjustment system to ensure stable operation of the height adjustment system.
Nozzle type and characteristics.

The most widely used conical nozzles are divided into single-layer nozzles and double-layer nozzles.
Single spray.
1. Generally for melt cutting, using nitrogen or air as auxiliary gas
2, for precision, high surface requirements for fine cutting

For cutting stainless steel and aluminum alloys with nitrogen or air

Double spray.
1, generally used for oxidative cutting, using oxygen as an auxiliary gas
2. The airflow is subjected to secondary convergence and compression, and the effect of cutting carbon steel is remarkable.

For oxygen cutting carbon steel and stainless steel, etc.

The nozzle is one of the most common loss products for laser heads.

Impact: Follow-up is not sensitive, the surface of the sheet is very uneven, and impact occurs during the cutting process, causing deformation of the nozzle hole, causing problems in the gas flow direction.

Melting: The perforation process adjust not well, and the molten slag is to the surface of the nozzle, causing deformation of the nozzle surface, which may also cause problems in the gas flow direction.

Finally,before purchasing,want to know more details of fiber laser cutting machine.

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