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How to choose fiber laser cutting machine

We have many cutting machine customers.When they want to buy,they do not have any idea.Here we would like to share more skills to help customers to choose fiber laser cutting machine.


1.laser source

when choose fiber laser cutting machine.Firstly,it is laser source.This depends on ur budget and ur metal.

If ur metal is stainless steel,carbon steel or iron.U can choose Raycus and IPG.

If metal is high-reflective,u should choose nLIGHT.


For detailed difference between these three laser source,pls check the article:

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So what is high-reflective metal?

Brass,copper,aluminum,galvanized sheet,gold,silver,etc.,


3.machine power(watt)

choose fiber laser cutting machine.Secondly,it is machine watt.This depends on the metal thickness of each kind of metal.

500w can cut max :6mm carbon steel and 3mm stainless steel

1kw can cut max:12mm carbon steel and 5mm stainless steel

1500w can cut max: 14mm carbon steel and 6mm stainless steel

2000w can cut max: 18mm carbon steel and 8mm stainless steel

3000w can cut max:22mm carbon steel and 12mm stainless steel


4.Working area

Usually,most is 1500*3000 mm.

But some small model:1300*900 mm for lower than 1 kw.

600*600 mm for jewelry industry.

Also some customers need 2000*4000mm or 2000*6000mm.


5.Machine model

Some countries,their government do not allow open-type.Such as Germany,they should choose enclosed machine model. no matter the watt.

Usually,if machine watt is lower than 1kw or 1500w,we suggest open-type model.

If over than 1500 w,we suggest the fully enclosed machine.It is safer.


6.Machine body

This is the important part of cutting machine.There is three kinds of machine body. cast iron machine body.plate-welded machine body.Tube-welded machine body.

We suggest the plate-welded machine body.It is the most popular in the market.Even the top brand laser company use this machine bed.

For cast iron,there is some inevitable technical defect,so we think this is not the best choice.


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