Fiber laser machine cut head-XT LASER-sara

XT laser is professional laser machine factory since 2004. We have a lot experience in this field.Experienced engineers for support. Also high technical assemble persons.

Fiber laser machine cut head. There are mainly 8 main parts. For a fiber laser cutting machine.  Here mainly introduce the cut head. Because cut head  is important. And it affect the cut effect a lot.It has some consumbles. Like focus lens, collimating lens, protective lens and nozzles.

  1. Laser source. we have IPG , Raycus, N-Light and CAS.
  2. The cut head, we have XT LASER customized cut head. Both auto focus and manual focus models.
  3. the worktable, we use whole plate welding worktable for customer.
  4. Gantry, we have both maganese steel gantry. And aluminum cast gantry.
  5. Servo motor: We have Fuji and servo motor optional.
  6. Reducer: we have shimpo and Motoreducer optional.
  7. Transfer system: we have APEX /YYC rack . Also the Hiwin / PMI rail optional.
  8. For the water chiller, we use XT LASER customized models for customer.

As there are auto focus and manual focus cut head. Do you know when to choose an auto focus?

Auto focus cut head is more expensive than manual focus cut head. Not only the cut head price. But also the comsumbles cost expensive.

But the auto focus one has higher pericing speed. For thick material work. Also it save more time for human to adjust the focus position.

You don’t need to adjust again and again. Just save it after you use. And next time use directly.