Fiber laser cutting machine is becoming the most metal cutting technology, more and more factory is looking for steel fiber laser cutter. But there is so many factory in the market. When we face so many fiber laser cutting machine suppliers, how to choose suitable fiber laser cutter?

Core component of steel fiber laser cutter

One set fiber laser cutting machine have thousands of parts, but it have two core component.

Fiber laser source

Fiber laser source is the most important parts of fiber laser cutting machine. Now many country have laser source manufacturer. Now European country and USA country’s brand is most popular in the world, such as IPG, nLIGHT ETC. These laser source have very good quality and stability.  At the same time, more and more Chinese company begin to produce fiber laser source, such as Raycus, MAX, JPT etc.

At the beginning, Chinese laser source is not very stability and broken rate is higher than European and USA laser. But recent years, Chinese laser source is becoming better and better. In all Chinese laser source, Raycus laser source is the best one in all Chinese brand. Now its quality is similar with some European and USA brand. Also it is very popular in European country and USA.

Now in China market, when we buy low power fiber laser cutting machine which less than 2000w, most people select Raycus laser source. But when we need high power fiber laser cutting machine, such as 3000w 40000w, that’s better use IPG laser.

Machine bed

Except laser source, machine bed is another core parts.

Machine bed is the base of fiber laser cutting machine. Only one good machine bed can keep fiber laser cutting machine’s cutting precision and lifetime.

We can see some supplier use very light machine bed and weld it with square tube. This kind machine bed seems good, actually it is very bad structure. At the first years, it may be same with some good machine bed. But after two years, its precision will be very bad.

Now the best machine bed is plate welded machine lath. Its precision have no any change after several years.