China metal Fiber laser cutter -Sara

China metal Fiber laser cutter

XT LASER -Introduction

China metal Fiber laser cutter-XT LASER. The  manufacture in Jinan,China, since 2004. We are professional  laser machine factory.

We have solution for all metal. Like Stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, brass, galvanized etc.

We have different laser source brand for different materials. And different work size for your requirment. Different power from 500w to 4000w.

Fiber laser cutter-laser source

China metal Fiber laser cutter laser source. We have Germany IPG, China best brand Raycus. Also the America brand N-Light laser source.Which is especially for high reflective material.

Fiber laser cutter-Cut head

We have auto focus and manual focus. Two kinds of laser cut head. Auto focus is mainly for thick mateial. And if many kinds of materials. Also suggest auto focus.

When auto focus work. It has higher speed during pericing work. And you don’t have set parameter again and again.

Just save the parameter you use in software. Next time use directly.