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Causes of sawtooth during cutting processing

Causes of sawtooth during cutting processing
Causes of sawtooth during cutting processing

The metal laser cutting machine is used frequently in the sheet metal processing industry. It has the characteristics of good cutting effect and high cutting surface finish, which is deeply loved by the sheet metal processing industry. The popularization and promotion of metal laser cutting machines are inseparable from the technological improvement of major laser equipment manufacturers. Good equipment manufacturing technology and high-end brand accessories are the guarantee of laser cutting machine quality. In daily processing and production, there will be various problems, such as saw teeth appear in the processing process, so why does this happen?
1. Machine tool parallelism
If the parallelism of the laser cutting machine is improperly installed, the equipment will be unstable during the processing, vibration will occur, and the cross section of the processed material will have jagged.
There are two kinds of vibrations in a metal laser cutting machine. One is the vibration of the equipment itself during cutting, which affects the cutting effect. The second is the problem of external equipment, such as exhaust fans, water tanks, etc. It is easy to cause the equipment to vibrate.
2. Gear related aspects
When the gear seat slips, it will also cause the processing section to be jagged.
3. The rail installation is not parallel
Sometimes the Y-direction guide rails are not installed in parallel, and the equipment will get stuck during processing, so the cutting section may also have saw teeth.
4. Improper lens fixation
When the lens is not fixed properly, the lens will shake when the device is running, the beam will also vibrate, and the final cut part will appear jagged.
During long-term use of the metal laser cutting machine, there will be phenomena such as wear of the slider and foreign objects in the inner ball, which will cause the guide rail to vibrate during the working process, and the problem of sawtooth will occur after processing.
When we see a jagged problem on a metal laser cutting machine, we can hold the laser head with our hands to prevent it from shaking. If there is no sawtooth problem after pressing it by hand, it must be a slider problem; if it still occurs, you need to check belts, gears and other accessories. If this kind of problem occurs in the new processing, you must consider whether the installation is improper or the control drive does not match the motor.

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