How can laser cutting burr appear in processing?-Fiona

How can laser cutting burr appear in processing?

Many enterprises cut products using laser cutting machine.And they may find many burrs  in processing .The quality is not satisfying.But it’s not the quality problem of laser cutting machine.The burrs is not caused by the laser cutting machine’s quality problems. But it dues to operator’s error operation .Or the maintenance is not timely.How can laser cutting produce burr?

I summarize the causes of several common burrs and the corresponding solutions

(1)The beam’s focal point deviates can cause laser cutting burr.

Solution: you can adjust the focus position according to the offset position.

(2)The output power of the machine is not large enough.But don’t worry about that.

Solution: you can check the laser cutting machine if it is working properly.If it is abnormal, you need repair and maintain it in time.

(3)The laser cutting mahine’s wire cutting speed is too slow. It can cause laser cutting burr too.

Solution: you can adjust and increase the line cutting speed in time.

(4)The laser cutting machine’s gas purity is insufficient.It’s also one of reasons that laser cutting burr appears.

Solution: you can increase the purity of the gas.

(5)The laser cutting machine’s laser beam is offset .

Solution: you can focu on the debugging and ajust it timely.

(6)The laser cutting machine runs for too long.

Solution: you can turn off the machine and restart it and then  let it rest.

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