Can CO2 marking machine mark ceramics?-Elena

Ceramic materials.

Ancestors invented pottery in the Neolithic, about 8,000 years before Christ. The main component materials are oxides, nitrides, borides and carbides, etc. And the most common materials are clay, alumina, kaolin and etc. Ceramic materials are generally harder, but less flexible. Not only applying in making cans and crafts, but also plays an important role in the development with the science and technology.

The characteristics of ceramics.

The original material of the ceramic comes from a large amount of natural clay. While the nature of the clay is ductile and malleable when it meets water at normal temperature, slightly dry can be carved, all dry can be polished. If put it into fire to toast, at 700 ℃ so that the pottery can hold water, already 1230 ℃ that it hardly absorbs water and can resist high temperatures and corrosion. Therefore, its use has various creative applications with today’s culture and technology.

The machine can marks on many aspectos.

The CO2 laser marking machine can mark in a very detailed way: for example, crockery, tea set, pots, jars, bowl, jars, plates, saucer, bowls and etc. Ceramics of art (crafts): for example, vases, sculptures, garden ceramics, utensils, furniture and etc. Intustrial ceramics: refers to the ceramic products used in various industries.Also mark in the following 6 aspects: building ceramics: bricks, drain, tiles and etc. Chemical ceramics: various types of ceramics used in containers, tubes, towers, pumps, valves, bricks and etc.

Others informations

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