Best Methods for Metal Cutting among laser cutting machine-Angelina

Best Methods for Metal Cutting among laser cutting machine

This passage we mainly talk about the laser cutting machine with different model.

Accurate metal cutting requires both high precision equipment and skillful operators who understand efficiency.

The best scenario is to use an experienced technician who equips with modern machinery that is designing for both accuracy and speed.

Here are some of the ways metal cutting to be as efficient as possible.

Laser Cutters

The  laser cutting is popular among metal fabrication shops.

Because it has multiple purposes and can cut metal into any shape, providing great flexibility.

The technology is based on a beam of light concentrated on an area to create intense heat that can cut through and remove metal.

The laser cutter is useful for high volume projects since it’s capable of automating multiple cuts per minute.

Waterjet Cutters

A waterjet cutting machine uses a high pressure water stream and garnet (sand) driven by pumps strong enough to cut metal up to 8 inches thick.

The narrow injection of water is useful for metals that are sensitive to extreme heat.

The aerospace industry sometimes prefers waterjet to laser because no heat effected zones can  achieve.

CNC Milling Machine

The CNC milling machine has existed since the early sixties when computer numerical control (CNC) technology began to surface.

CNC machines have evolved to become multitasking machines (MTMs) that can handle various tasks basing on the programming.

CNC milling machines include rotating platforms that allow for easy cutting and are commonly using by fabricators to make metal tools.

One of the main reasons for using a CNC machine is to cut unique angles or shapes on metal.

These machines are further defining by the number of axes they provide.

The more axes added, the wider range of tasks the machine can perform.

This machine has a 24 station tool changer to speed up the manufacturing process.