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Automatic tracing edge of fiber laser cutting machine

During sheet metal processing, if the straight edge of the board is askew, it is likely to cause cutting errors and productions inefficiencies. When that happens, it often results in wasted plates, especially in large-format and medium-thick metal plates cutting.

The traditional solution is manual calibration. But the quasi-method is low efficiency, big error and can’t meet the requirements of the intelligent age. So automatic tracing edge of laser cutting emerges.

So what is automatic tracing edge?

Automatic edge-finding is a unique process of fiber laser cutting machine. When large and medium-thick plates are on the machine table, the device will automatically calculate the inclination of the plate by turning on the automatic edge finding function. Then the coordinate system of the machine will be rotated accordingly to ensure that the X-axis direction of the cutting is parallel to the long straight side of the sheet.

What’s the advantage of automatic tracing edge?

1. More accurate than manual alignment. There are errors in the traditional alignment with the help of manpower and alignment tools.

2. Save time and labour. It is hard to adjust or move the plate weighing hundreds of pounds on the machine table, and the operator needs to move it with various lifting tools. The system automatically detecte the edge. And the coordinates can be rotated in a short time, which saves time and effort.

3. Smarter and more automated. This function can sense the inclination angle and origin of the sheet, so that the cutting process can be adjusted. Improving the efficiency of sheet metal processing, more intelligent and automatic.

XTLASER  is committed to providing customers with humanized equipments. Our steel plate laser cutting machines come with automatic tracing edge function.  To provide you with more convenient service when using the machine.

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