About the Auto Following Laser Cutting Head-Cathy


auto following laser cutting head

About the Auto Following Laser Cutting Head-Cathy

In the cutting process, the nozzle to the plate needs to maintain a certain distance, such as 1mm, but the plate placed on the cutting platform may not be smooth, however, the follow-up system will make the cutting head keep a constant distance to make changes in height according to the plate undulations. The control software adopts the high-speed PID algorithm. The interface is friendly and convenient to use. It successfully solves the problems of frog leap, scan cutting and high-speed feed, deceleration approach, and high-speed rise between cutting pieces, thereby greatly improving cutting efficiency, speed, and quality.

Their are many customers may not quite understand the auto following systems, here will explain the common follower head parameters as follows:

1. Power down distance: After the initial power on, the follower moves back to the upper limit and automatically moves down.

2. Safe height: It complte the height of follower head after each cutting.

3, pulse equivalent: The number of pulses for the motor to turn around is factory set, do not change.

4, pulse 1/2 cycle: adjust the motor speed related parameters, we recommend not to change it.

5, the upper limit of the cutting head hysteresis: to prevent the cutting head up and down action is too sensitive, through the hysteresis, the stable operation of the cutting head within a certain range.

6. Cutting head upper limit: It determines the positioning height of the cutting head (set up according to actual needs).

7. Cutting head lower limit: Prevents the cutting head from colliding with the workpiece. When reach the lower limit, machine can lift the cutting head quickly (generally larger than the cutting head upper limit 200).