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Application of tube fiber laser cutting machine in the manufacture of metal lighting

This passage is mainly for the application of fiber laser cutting machine in lighting industry.

With the pursuit of high-end taste life, exquisite and atmospheric lighting has become the first choice to decorate their house.

Especially for those who care more about private space, a beautiful and full of dreamy lighting can make you feel comfortable inside.

You can imagine that what a such style decorated with a metal lighting products.

A good metal lighting product requires a lot of complicated processes to complete.

Especially for the large metal lighting, it is not only complicated in process but also long in production cycle.

In order to save production cycle and improve production efficiency, it is necessary to reduce the number of machining equipment.

As we all know that the tube fiber laser cutting machine with the advantages of high efficiency and high precision.

It is more suitable for metal lighting manufacturing.

The tube fiber laser cutting machine from xtlaser adopts electric chuck design with the function of automatic adjustment.

The clamping diameter is between 20-220mm, which can meet most cutting requirements.

Besides, the pneumatic roller support effectively solve the deformation problem in the pipe cutting process.

It greatly reduces the time between processes and improving the work efficiency and processing output.

In addition to the bulbs, most of the metal lighting products whose materials are metal tubes.

In addition to the simple steps of opening and cutting the metal holes, we also need some complicated processes

Before the manufacture of such lighting requires a cast semi-manual pipe cutting machine, it also requires a skilled craftsman to manually cut and process rough-processed parts.

Thus wasting a lot of time and labor costs.

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