Application of laser cutting machine in shipbuilding industry-Ariel

Application of laser cutting machine in shipbuilding industry

This article is about the application of laser cutting machine in shipbuilding industry.Hope it can help you learn more about our fiber laser cutting machine.

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In recent years, “precision shipbuilding” and “fast shipbuilding” have become the main trends in the development of the shipbuilding industry. And laser cutting machine technology has developed rapidly. Accounting for more than 70% of the entire laser processing industry. Now the shipbuilding industry is mainly based on steel plate raw materials. Which greatly shortens the production cycle. And reduces costs compared with the previous processing technology of punching machines. After the laser cutting machine to cut the material, the assembly margin is eliminated.  Also the phenomenon of on-site repair and it will eliminate the cutting . By the way,the labor and material waste are reduced. The frame assembly speed significantly accelerated.  And it will improve the assembly quality.

At present, the blanking methods of hull plate parts in the shipbuilding industry mainly adopt flame cutting, plasma cutting, shear bending processing and laser cutting. In fact,the first few have many shortcomings relative to laser cutting. In the field of shipbuilding, laser cutting avoids the need to set a trimming allowance on the plate to ensure the assembly gap when the plasma is blanking the plate. And you can perform the trimming manually. And resulting in uneven trimming quality. Thereby reducing assembly workload, assembly cycle, waste of materials and labor costs.

The marine steel plate cut by laser has good cutting seam quality, good verticality of the cut surface, no slag. And thin oxide layer, smooth surface, no secondary processing. And it can direct welding, small thermal deformation, high curve cutting accuracy. Also reduced coordination Working hours, to achieve barrier-free cutting of high-strength ship plates. Laser cutting machines will use in more shipbuilding companies in the future, and high-power laser cutting machines will inevitably be the future trend.

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