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Application of Laser Cutting Machine in Kitchenware Industry

Why laser cutting machine are important in Kitchenware Industry?

The kitchenware industry is an  industry closely related to people’s daily lives . It constantly updated and emerging in recent years. In the kitchen processing industry, Many products need it. Range hoods, burning appliances,  panels need  sheet metal.And large commercial kitchen utensils and other products also use a large number of sheet metal panels. The traditional process manufacturing requires a large number of molds, design and manufacturing cycles. The disadvantages are  long time, low efficiency, and high cost.  However,the fiber laser cutting machine produced by XTLASER  can reduce costs, provide work efficiency, and meet the needs of the kitchen industry demand. So laser cutting machine in kitchenware industry are very important. Why fiber laser cutting machine are so important in kitchenware industry , please see the following paragraph.

The Importance of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Kitchenware Industry

1 Firstly, It can quickly and well complete the sheet metal blanking of any piece of material. Because kitchenware need many texts.

2 Secondly, Fiber laser cutting machines reduce the cost of new product development, and most important is fiber laser cutting machine can short the development cycle of new products.

3 Thirdly, The laser processing equipment cuts the material with high precision. Fiber laser cutting Machine can improves the yield of the range hood and the burning appliance and reduces the loss of the material.

XTLASER High Efficiency Fiber Laser Cutting Machine.

The XTLASER cutting machine has the following features.

1. Stability and reliability of optical path systems and control systems

2. Imported original fiber laser, high function, stable performance, life expectancy of more than 100,000 hours

3. Cutting quality and efficiency are higher, the cutting speed can reach 80m / min, the appearance is beautiful, the  trimming       is beautiful.

We have good prices and quality.

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