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The application industries of laser cutting machines

Laser Cutting Machines

As the development of technology, the laser cutting machines are apply to more and more fields. We are able to see the laser cutting machines in each industries. Because its practicability, there are lots of customers purchase it.  To put it in their factories, help them finish the works.  Today, I will list the Top 5 industries that is most need laser cutting machine.

No.5  Advertisement Industry.

According to the age, Advertisement industry need to welcome more an more personalized or customized order. In general, They may need laser cutting to machine to design and cutting some complex figure. The fiber laser cutting machine could cut any shapes you want once if you designed the graphic.   In general, XTC-1530S is very popular in advertisement industry. This model is helpful for ADs industry, also has the best price.

No.4 Kitchenware Industry.

For kitchenware industry, The purpose they purchased laser cutting machine is for cutting metal sheet for water tank, and a various of pipe. As the new generation have grown up,  their requirement to house is very high. That is why more and more customized requirements become more and more common. To use laser cutting machine to make those stuff that is the perfect way to figure out it.


No.3 Automobile Industries.

As people can see, more and more cars on the roads lately. The demand of auto and auto parts is very high. The laser cutting machines are very good on parts making. Such as car doors, auto exhaust tubes, auto bumper and so on. Using fiber laser cutting machine to do those things could enhance the efficiency and ensure the working precision.

No.2 Fitness Equipment Industries.

In this time, more and more people start paying attention to his/her own body. A huge numbers of people became body builder, to manage their body. In fact, public fitness equipment and home fitness equipment have been developing rapidly in recent years, so the future demand is also large. With the fiber laser metal cutting technology, fitness equipment manufacturing industries have been booming .

No.1 Sheet Metal Processing

Fiber laser cutting machine is the best tools for cutting metal sheets. There are many advantages compare with plasma or regular CNC machine. The fiber laser cutters from XT laser have shown reliable and highly efficient cutting performance.


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