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Application of fiber laser cutting machine in household appliances

Fiber laser cutting machine is popular among the household appliances.

And most of these appliances are stainless steel.

Among the commonly used electrical products, the laser cutting machine is mainly used for drilling and cutting of outer casing metal parts, plastic parts, metal parts (metal parts of the metal sheet.

They account for almost 30% of all parts) of washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and others.

For example, it is possible to cut and process thin steel plate parts, cut air-conditioning metal parts and metal covers, cut and punch holes in the bottom or back of the refrigerator, and cut metal hoods of range hoods.

We all know that the traditional cutting process on stainless steel has the features like tool wear, low processing efficiency.

And it is prone to problems such as burrs, surface roughness, and deformation.

In contrast, the advantages of laser cutting process have become a common choice for stainless steel processing enterprises.

We will take you to know some advantages of fiber laser cutting machine in processing stainless steel.

1.Advantages of fiber laser cutting

No machining stress, no deformation of the workpiece

The hardness of the material will not affect the cutting outcome for its characteristics of the laser.

It is an advantage that traditional equipment has no way to compare.

People could use Laser cutting to deform steel plates, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and hard alloy plates without deformation cutting.

No secondary treatment, high processing efficiency

We use the laser cutting equipment to process the stainless steel plate.

It adopts the non-contact processing method, does not affect the deformation of the work piece, and the progress of the next process.

Besides that the cutting surface is smooth after the laser cutting process without secondary treatment.

High positioning accuracy and smooth cutting surface


The laser beam quality and the positioning accuracy are high, so the cutting precision is also high.

No tool wear and low maintenance costs

The laser cutting machine cuts stainless steel without loss, the photoelectric conversion rate is high, and the processing cost is also low.

Therefore, there is no need to maintain the fiber laser cutting machine.

2.More advantaged of fiber laser cutting machine

In addition to the incomparable flexibility and processing accuracy of traditional cutting, chamfering, opening and trimming, the laser cutting machine can also realize customized and personalized high-volume production.

Because the laser cutting machine adopts “contactless processing”, it does not need mold making and cost.

So it can effectively improve product quality, reduce production cost.

And  it can conform to the company’s production customization and refinement demand.

At present, the penetration rate of laser cutting machine in the home appliance manufacturing industry is far from enough.

However, with the development of modern technology, the traditional processing technology of the home appliance industry is continuously transformed and upgraded.

We could conclude that the application of laser technology in the home appliance industry will become more and more extensive.

And its development potential and market opportunities will be immeasurable.

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