Answers of common question for fiber laser cutting machine–Juicy


Fiber laser cutting machine is more and more popular in the market.

There are lots of questions the customers aksed.

Now we explain your doubts as following:


Why so many China fiber laser cutting machines have 0.2mm to 0.5mm accuracy difference after half or one year’s running?

1) Machine table must have annealing treatment for inner stress relief before rough machining.

and then have secondary vibratory stress relief before fine finishing.

This is to effectively release the stress caused by welding and machining.

If these work missed or not 100% done.

it is impossible for the machine table to offer long-term stability.

Fiber laser cutting machine, The Standard machining process work as follow


Welding—annealing treatment to release inner stress—rough machining—

vibratory stress relief—second level machining—vibratory stress relief—third level precision machining.

Many factories know this job.

but they don’t know how to do it right, or don’t want to spend money on such invisible work.

as cheaper price is their warranty of order.


2) Factory uses copy parts to compete on price.fiber laser cutting machine

Like gear rack, guide rails, planetary gearbox…etc.

the copy cost is just 1/5-1/3 of original cost.

User can hardly find difference on new machine

( Forsuch mechanical item, even the copy and original put together in front of you.

you can hardly tell which is original),

but after machine running some time, you will see it when problem happens.

It’s hard for foreign end-user to know the parts cost to figure out which is a reasonable price of a machine.

But those brand parts price depends on quantity.

then with same machine parts, how can a small factory have cheaper cost than big factory?

3) Cheat on machine table material.

90% of China factories all use same design… .

welding tube frame as the base of machine.But some choose 12mm, some choose 10mm, 8mm, ifthe factory put cement inside 8mmtube, the machine can be over 5000kg, actually even 12mm tube cannot make a 3015machine over 5000kg.

User hardly knows what they got, but only reply on the supplier’s reputation.