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Air compressor used in fiber laser cutting machine

In the laser processing industry, how to reduce costs is a concern for many users. With the advancement of fiber lasers in the heavy plate cutting process. Traditional carbon dioxide lasers have almost no advantages. At present, fiber lasers have occupied most of the markets in the laser cutting industry. So air compressor used in fiber laser cutting machine.

The most important reason is the cost. And the use of air as the Auxiliary gas cutting will undoubtedly further increase the cost advantage. Only by fully realizing its advantages and disadvantages can we exert our advantages to reduce costs for our customers.

There are mainly three kinds of laser cutting gas commonly used, oxygen, nitrogen and air, oxygen and nitrogen as the conventional cutting gas.

Oxygen mainly use for carbon steel cutting and perforation of stainless steel aluminum plate.

It mainly reacts with the cutting metal to generate an oxidation reaction and emits a large amount of oxidation heat. In addition, the gas at a certain pressure will blow away the oxides and slag and form cuts in the metal. Since the oxidation reaction during the cutting process generates a large amount of heat. The cutting does not require too much power. The disadvantage is that the thin plate has a slow cutting speed and easily burn when sharp corners cut.

Nitrogen mainly use for cutting stainless steel and aluminum plates.

If the laser power is sufficiently large. The carbon steel plate will greatly improve in cutting speed with nitrogen. The role of nitrogen in the cutting process is to eliminate the oxidation reaction. And use its high pressure to blow away the molten material. So a brighter cross-section effect can obtain. Of course, the effect of the sharp corner will be better. Disadvantages are the high cost of gas and the slow cutting speed of thick plates.

The air itself exists in the air.

We only need an air compressor to compress it into a gas tank. And then use the filter to cool and dry it. The main cost is electricity and equipment maintenance. The main component of air is a mixture of about 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. So air can compensate for the lack of oxygen and nitrogen to a certain extent.

According to our current experiment, taking a 3000w fiber laser cutting machine as an example. Only the air pressure at the outlet of the air compressor reaching 1.2Mpa require to achieve high-quality cutting of carbon steel below 2mm. And stainless steel below 10mm, and aluminum below 5mm. Conventional carbon dioxide lasers can also cut with air. But the spot characteristics affect the quality of the cut. Fiber lasers can achieve unexpected results due to the greater energy density. And the smaller thermal impact area associated with air cutting.