What affect the cutting quality?-Charry

What affect the cutting quality?

What affect the cutting quality?

What affect the cutting quality?

When the position of the laser focus is not correct, the cutting end face is not easy to be smooth, and the slag is bad.

Simply speaking, the focus position is not suitable for the amount of focus.The internal pressure of the slit is low,so that the molten metal cannot be effectively blown off and there is slag.

When the above occurs, we should test and adjust the focus.The up and down position of the focus is closely relate to the material properties and thickness of the material.

The cutting nozzle is the most end component of the laser head.The shape of the nozzle and the characteristics are one of the key factors affecting the quality and efficiency of laser cutting.

Taking carbon steel as an example.When using oxygen as an auxiliary gas, the gas flow into the slit is large and the speed is high. In this case, the slit material can fully oxidize and react. At the same time, sufficient momentum will melt.Then the cutting quality will be good.

If there is a phenomenon such as unevenness of the end face and burrs on one side of the edge during the cutting process.

there are the following possibilities.

1. The optical lens has burns and stains. Replace the protective lens.If still not good,then it is necessary to check focusing lens is burnt or not.
2. The auxiliary gas is not concentrate, mainly due to problems with the composite nozzle.
3. If there is a side of the dross that is the edge of the knife or the end, it is necessary to check the problems of the cutting motion control.

When you are a new to the fiber laser cutting machine,you will think there are all problems.

But just like a mobile phone,you need to play it agin and again.then you will find the interest.

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