Advantages of fiber laser surface preparation when laser cleaning-Sophia

Advantages of fiber laser surface preparation when laser cleaning

There are many advantages of a fiber laser-based approach to surface preparation when laser cleaning, we have listed some of the advantages below:

Firstly, Chemical free :

And, no chemicals are used with a laser-based approach. Chemicals introduce their own risks such as corrosion, damage to substrate materials, discolouration, toxicity, waste products
Secondly, Contactless approach :

There is no need for contact to be made with the material when the surface is being prepared. This reduces risk to the material and the user, the only contact is remotely via the laser beam
Thirdly, Minimal residue :

Apart from a little dust (which might not even arise), there is no residue with fiber laser preparation treatment whereas traditional approaches can have waste by-products, such as chemical slurries
No corrosion :

Relating to the use of chemicals is corrosion. With a fiber laser there is zero % chance risk of any form of corrosion damage to the material lying underneath the surface
No tooling :

Then apart from the laser itself there is no tooling required (e.g. power tools, blasting equipment, etc.)
Precision and control :

No other method offers such precision and control. The laser operator controls exact depth and surface contaminants are carefully removed layer by layer
Speed :

Lasers prepare surfaces very fast, in a time-pressured world this is an important benefit, especially when compared to manual methods, which are time-consuming and therefore expensive on labour
Organic :

Moss, fungi and any other living organisms

Most typically rust and various stains