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Advantages of fiber laser cutters

fiber laser cutters, we also call it metal laser cutting machine. It is widely used in sheet metal processing/metal cabinet production/advertising board/

stainless steel kitchen/elevator manufacturing/automobile production/mechanical parts and a wide range of applications in the aerospace industry

The advantages of fiber laser cutters are as follows:
  • Compared with most of other traditional processing methods, the cutting speed is fast, will  shorten the product production cycle largely.
  • There is no any touch between the laser cutting head and the material, no cutting force, without deformation
  • Small slit, high precision, good cutting quality, no need secondary processing.
  • High automation, easy operation, low labor intensity and more safety during the producing.
  • With nesting software, not so much material waste, greatly improving material utilization and reducing production costs.
  • Flexible processing, providing a perfect solution for personalized orders.
In general, laser cutting machines have gradually been the necessary equipment for production and processing.

With the  development and integration of technologies in various industries, laser cutting technology will certainly provide us with a broader application space.

Beside fiber laser cutter, we also manufacture laser marking machine, Co2 laser cutting machine, jewelry/mould welding machine and laser cleaning machine.

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