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Advantages of exchangeable table laser cutter

Fiber laser cutter with exchangeable table is hot selling. Will introduce the advantages of exchangeable table laser cutter.

Firstly, Exchangeable table laser cutter is Efficient and time-saving

Firstly, the cutter has double exchange platform structure. And the exchange time can change within 16 seconds. It can cut and feed at the same time, greatly reducing the exchange time and improving production efficiency. Besides, the rack and pinion transmission system has good rigidity and higher accuracy, which saves the waiting time for loading and unloading. Compared with the traditional sprocket and chain trans

Advantages of exchangeable table laser cutter
Advantages of exchangeable table laser cutter

mission mode. Its performance in all aspects has been significantly improved.

Secondly, Stable performance and high cutting quality

Realize the comprehensive positioning of the guide rail. And cooperate with the high-quality finishing process. Bring stable processing accuracy, efficient cutting ability. And accurate positioning effect.

Thirdly, Energy saving and environmental protection improving safety

Adopting a closed sheet metal cover, equipped with safety devices, door protection switches, etc. It has both safety and visibility. And improve the safety performance greatly. Indoor surveillance cameras, dust removal systems and other details. You have a safe and zero-polluting operating environment.

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