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Advantages of enclosed laser cutter

Nowadays more and more people choose laser cutter to finish there metal cutting work. The requirement is higher and higher. Enclosed type laser cutter is hot selling now. Today we will show you some advantages of enclosed laser cutter.

             Advantages of enclosed fiber laser cutter

Firstly, one of advantage of fiber laser cutter is safe

Fully enclosed & when the door is open, it won’t work. Standard door protection switch.
Standard two cameras to ensure safe production, inside & back of cover.
converter to control the exchangeable table( up and down, parallel shift), helpful for protecting operator.

Secondly, enclosed laser cutter is environmental friendly & clean workshop

Two directions for fume exhaust( upward & downward) to protect the cutting head, etc.
Normally Australian manufacturers choose to buy another dust/fume extraction together with enclosed cutter to ensure the clean environment in workshop.

Thirdly, fiber laser cutter is efficient & profitable

Partition dust removal: remove dust in stages according to the using area, save energy & reduce emissions. Exchangeable table, cutting while uploading and unloading. Save your time, more productive within same time, profitably.

Finally, easy to operate

FSCUT 2000 Cypcut control system, easier to operate.
Modular blade, easy to replace and strong bearing capacity, up to 1200kgs.

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