Analysis of advantages of laser cutting machine -Jenny

In daily cutting, although the traditional cutting machine can do very well. It is far from enough in terms of material cutting smoothness.

The roughness of the cutting place is more obvious. This is also a major reason that the laser cutting machine can replace the traditional cutting machine in the future. Analysis of advantages of laser cutting machine :
As a green environmental protection technology. Laser technology have favore by more businesses. So laser equipment is an inevitable trend of future industrial development.
The reason why the laser cutting machine is widely using.

Because the laser cutting machine has common outstanding advantages and leading processing technology.

When cutting materials, not only high power but also good cutting effect, this is an advantage that traditional cutting machines cannot match. Analysis of advantages of laser cutting machine
The processing characteristics of the laser cutting machine are fast speed, narrow cutting, smooth cut surface, and small heat affected area. These characteristics are important factors for the laser cutting machine to commit to the traditional cutting machine. The laser cutting machine not only improves the production efficiency and the quality of the cutting parts during processing. But also saves the processing cost to a certain extent, and overcomes the waste of materials in the original cutting processing method. Analysis of advantages of laser cutting machine :
Compared with traditional cutting, laser cutting has the following advantages:

Laser cutting machine advantages

1. The cutting speed is fast, which can improve the operating efficiency. Which is more than ten times the traditional cutting production efficiency.
2. The processing technology is fine, the cutting mouth is narrow. The cutting seam is small, the precision is excellent, and the micro parts can process and cut with high difficulty.
3. The laser-cut surface is smooth and can use without repeate processing. Which can save man-hours and labor costs, and plays an excellent role in optimizing operations.
4. In the cutting operation, the heat affecte area is very small, and the material around the slit is not affecte. So that the chance of the workpiece deforming is very small, and the cutting quality of the product is good.
5. When the laser cutting machine does not touch the nozzle and the workpiece during cutting. It will greatly reduce the wear of the material.