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Advantages of laser cutting machines compared to traditional CNC machine

This article is about advantages of laser cutting machine compared to traditional CNC machine.


Will the appearance of metal laser cutting machine eventually replace the numerical control punching machine? Many customers have questions like this.

In the traditional metal processing field, digital controlled punching machine occupy an important position in the processing technology in the past. Digital control punch machine  praise by consumers by virtue of its advantages of automation and intelligence

Because that CNC punch has the following characteristics: Firstly, the accuracy is high, and the quality is stable; Secondly, the CNC punch has a high degree of automation, saving human resources.


However, throughout the modern metal processing market, consumers demand has become more and more diversified, and numerical control punching machines often need special mold, in the face of a variety of metal processing, digital control punching machine often can not meet this requirement. And CNC punching machine to the operator’s quality request is relatively high, after simple training is very difficult to master.

What are the advantages of fiber metal laser cutting machine? Although the accuracy of the CNC punch is high, when we compare the metal parts, we obviously find that the metal parts processe by the punching machine have more burrs on the edges, and still belong to “rough machining”. The metal parts processed by the metal laser cutting machine have smooth edges, molding only need one time, no needs of secondary processing, and more high efficiency.

And compared with CNC punching machine, laser cutting machine is with a higher intelligent level, once can make profile on PC, we can achieve the processing with laser machine, it saves the time and don’t need for mold.

For example, XTC-1530G, a metal working laser cutting machine. Can be equipped with more than 8,000 W power fiber laser source. High speed of cutting thick metal plate with high precision.1530G configuration with exchange platform. Save feeding time to a greater extent. With a whole cover for dealing with environmental issues, more able to meet the needs of customers. Equipped with the third generation aviation aluminum gantry which with light weight, good toughness. Longer service life than ordinary beam, and improve cutting speed. Which is the popular choice of metal plate cutting market.

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