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Advantages for fiber laser marking craft

This article is about advantages for fiber laser marking craft.

laser marking machine

fiber laser marking machine

About fiber laser marking machine

As the fiber laser was used widely,and because of the improvement of industrial level. People pay much attention on fiber laser marking machine than ever nowadays. So what are the advantages of fiber laser marking machine? Today I will list the advantages of fiber laser marking machine. Then you guys may understanding this craft better.

1 Low cost

For long-run, I don’t believe there is a craft cheaper than fiber laser marking. In my knowledge, all other crafts need consumable items. But for the fiber laser marking machine, there is no consumable items. And the price is reasonable and affordable. It has over 100,000 hours lifetime.  Invest once, you can use it over 30 years. The only thing you need pay for the machine is electric. The power of the machine is under 1000 watt per hour. Thus, the cost for long-run, it is the best.

2 Mark on multiple materials without contact

The fiber laser marking machine is able to mark most of common metal materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum oxide, gold, silver, brass, and so on. Also the parts of non-metal materials was able to marked. Such as, ABS, PVC, painted wood, leather,etc. And the marking method is by released laser from the galvo, so there is not contact with the object. People are not require modeling. Just put the files into the software, then you can mark whatever you want.

3 Permanent Marking

The stuff people marked by fiber laser marking will never take off from the object. It is not like the printing method, the ink will fade away.

4 Free-maintain

There is no quick-wear parts. Basically, the machine don’t need to maintain, the only thing you need to do is wipe the lens carefully after use the machine.

In the end, because those advantages, the fiber laser marking machine is more and more common to see it in factory or studio. If you also interested in fiber laser marking machine. Pls contact me by my Email: