Advantages Of Fiber Laser Cut Machines Compared with Others-Tulsa

Advantages Of  Fiber Laser Cut Machines-Tulsa

Fiber laser cut machines in this term is start use in many area.

Because of it good quality and save cost, it develope very fast.

Advantage compared with co2 laser cutting machine

1)Excellent quality and Smoothly Edge

Because of the demand of customer is more and more high, laser machine is becoming more and more popular.

Let me introduce it advantage to you, please follow me to learn more.

2)High cutting speed:Fiber laser cut machines is higher power than Co2, so time is short when it works.

  • Lifetime:As you know, laser sourse lifetime is about 100,000 hours. So lifetime is much longer than Co2.
  • Extremely high electro – optical conversion efficiency: The optoelectronic conversion efficiency of optical fiber laser cutting machine is about 30%. So it is energy conservation and environment protection.
  • Cost: Actually fiber laser is about 20%-30% cost of Co2 laser in a long time. Even if fiber laser machine is enpensive than Co2.
  • Much lower maintenance costs:Laser working gas is free, without reflection lenses with fiber transmission.
  • Much easy to operating and learn :Optical fiber transmission, it have no needs to adjust the light path.
  • High speed: As we talked before, fiber laser is save many time. Co2 is double time of Laser.

Advantage compared with YAG laser cutting machine

1) Cutting speed

The speed of the optical fiber cutter is 4 – 5 times of that of the laser cutting machine.

Besides it can suit for large – scale processing and production .


Indeed, fiber laser cutter save cost, Actually, fiber laser machine is the most save cost machine.

3 ) Efficiency of photoelectric conversion

The photoelectric conversion efficiency of the fiber laser cutter  is about 10 times YAG


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