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Advantages of 3D laser marking machine

What we usually call laser marking machine is 2D laser marking machine, and 3D laser marking machine can complete more jobs which 2D can’t.

These are some advantages of 3D laser marking machine.

1.Large working area

2D has 300*300 lens, and what about we have requirement more than this? Then we should use 3D galvo, it can be 500*500,600*600 etc.

That is easy to ensure the integrity of the marking effect.

2.Surface marking

For marking surface, like some bottle,kettle. 2D can mark it with the rotary axis, marking while spinning.

But once the surface is too big, normal 2D is not its opponent. 3D is good at this because of precise grasp of the focus distance.

3. Relief marking
3d engraving
3D embossing

This is the most important part of 3D marking machine.

We can make exquisite relief by 3D machine, such as the coin,gun engraving,mold etc.

And it also has lower price than CNC router. So it becomes a good choice of engraving relief.


There are three advantages of 3D laser marking machine, and it does have high price than 2D.

So we should consider more about what we will use it and how to earn more by 3D machine.

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