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The advantage of laser cutting machine

As we all know laser cutting machine has a wide range in application.Do you know laser cutting advantage?Laser cutting machine uses high energy laser beam to act on the processed material.And it can achieve the cutting purpose. The laser cutting advantages are as follows:

Laser cutting advantage in cutting quality
(1) Laser cutting  has narrow cutting seam .It can save raw materials.It’s one of laser cutting advantage in cutting quality.
(2) It has good perpendicularity and smooth surface. It can be used for parts forming and welding ,but it doesn’t have the subsequent reprocessing and cleaning treatment.
(3)The thermal influence area is small and there is no deformation,but no burrs, no mechanical stress.
(4) It’s depth/width ratio of laser cutting is larger.It’s up to 20:1 or more for metal materials , but it’s up to 100:1 for non-metal materials .
Laser cutting advantage in cutting process
(1) It has fast laser cutting speed but low noise or pollution,It’s laser cutting advantage in cutting process.
(2) there is no “tool” wear problem during cutting, but it is suitable for all materials.
There is a video to help you know laser cutting machine well.

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