what is the advantage of fiber laser cutting machine ?-Juicy

Fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used, so what is its advantage?

Laser cutter manufacturer thinks it has the following obvious advantages:

1. Small cut, So we can achieve arbitrary contour cutting.
2. Quick cutting speed and extremely fast cutting sheet.
3. The vertical degree of the incision is good.
4. The heat affected area is small and the workpiece is deformed.

There is little oxidation.
6. No contact processing, no tool wear, Then no damage to the surface of the precision workpiece.
7. With high adaptability, it can realize efficient automatic processing of small batch and multiple varieties.
8. The laser cutting head is light, dynamic and flexible.
9. Small noise, no pollution.
Fiber laser cutting machine.
The dimension of a high-power laser cutting machine is compared commonly big,

Power is also relatively large,So the choice and laser laser must choose domestic big companies.

Because of the small company laser from procurement to some big company there.

so eventually looking for a big company directly buy more appropriate.
The fiber laser cutting machine does not need any other consumption during processing

and its photoelectric conversion rate can reach 30%, which is more energy efficient.
The fiber laser cutting machine is free of maintenance.

basically has no consumable material, and can be qualified for the bad working environment

and has high tolerance to dust, shock, shock, humidity and temperature.

Fiber laser cutting machine laser characteristics embodied in miniaturization

Intensive, high brightness and high conversion rate, in the aspect of sheet processing

Equal power optical fiber laser cutting machine cutting speed is higher than CO2 2-3 times, smooth cutting section.