How to adjust the marking depth of the laser marking machine-Angelina

How to adjust the marking depth of the laser marking machine

The laser marking machine uses laser beams to mark the surfaces of various substances permanently.

Comparing with inkjet marking, the advantages of laser marking are as follows.

a wide range of applications, a variety of materials (metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, leather, etc.) can  permanently mark with high quality.

No action on the surface of the workpiece, no mechanical deformation, no corrosion on the surface of the material.

Here is a brief introduction to the method of marking depth adjustment:

At first, the most direct adjustment method: increase the power of the laser marking machine.

Secondly,Modify the marking speed: other parameters remain unchanged, the marking speed is slow down, the marking depth will be deepened.

Thirdly, Transforming the field mirror: Turning the field mirror into a small range of field mirrors, after the transformation, the depth of the marking will also become deeper.

Fourthly,Field mirror replacement: the replacement of the field lens can also deepen the depth of laser lettering.

Fifthly, The laser mode is better, and we could improve the marking depth.

Sixthly,Replace the laser.

Replace the laser with a higher power, directly increase the depth of the laser code printer lettering.

In the end, Replace parts: replace better laser marking accessories, such as semiconductor laser marking machine, the use of imported Q switch, its marking depth will be better.