How to adjust laser marking speed-Wendy

This article is about adjust laser speed. The purpose of fiber laser metal marking machine is to enhance the higher manufacturing efficiency for company. In order to create higher value, how to enhance the marking speed of fiber laser marking machine, is the topic. Today we will share something about this.

  1. The factors can be divided into the inner and processing objects in the fiber laser metal marker.

Inside factors include the laser frequency, laser spot mode in the laser source the laser divergency of laser, laser power, and reasonable auxiliary gas in the laser processing. We should pay attention when matching the machine mode in the former action. We should follow the advice according to engineer when we choosing the fiber laser metal marker. Another factor is the laser density, laser marking size, and marking depth, and laser spot’s size.

2. Laser marking density

Under the same laser marking area, the same laser depth, and the same laser spot, the heavier laser density, the slower marking speed it will be. Because the marking density will enhance the laser marking size.

3. Laser marking size

Due to bigger deflection area of large marking area, the bigger marking size’s marking speed will be slower than smaller marking size.

4. Laser marking depth

When clients need deeper marking thickness, then some parameters in the fiber laser need to be adjusted accordingly. By enhancing the laser power, currency and others, the marking depth can be realized. While it will also affect the marking speed.

5. Laser spot size

Smaller laser spot is with the small laser marking size. So the bigger laser spot it is, the faster marking speed it will be.

6. Choosing the appropriate laser lens.

The longer focus distance it is, the bigger laser spot it will be. Under the same laser spot overlapping coefficiency, we can enhance the filling line distance, so as to enhance the marking efficiency.

The bigger marking lens it is, the smaller power and density it will be. So we need to make sure the laser energy is with the bigger line distance.