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length, all light power focus on one point and have very high power. Fiber laser marking machine use this theory focus all laser in one point, then the laser will leave marks after high temperature. 

So only when machine on correct focus, laser marking machine works well. This is why we need find correct focus before use laser machine.There are any information of find fiber laser markers focus.

How to Find Fiber Laser Markers Focus

Now total have three ways can help us find the correct focus.

    • In the beginning, we need look for focus manually. We can put one small metal piece on working area and select “Continue” button. Then we need up and down the laser marking head and check the laser light. When there is very strong laser light works on the metal surface, it is the focus. This way the the most common way and easy to learn.
    • Measure the length. Different working size F-theta lens have special focus length. We can measure the length from F-theta lens to working piece. This way have some problems as the measurement may have some error. Still we need do some fine adjustment after find the focus by this way.
    • Outside red pointer. We install one extra red pointer under laser marking head. so when machine open there is two point. When the two point coincide together it is the correct focus. Now we install it for all our machine. When clients use out customers, it can save many times for users.

If you can get these information, hope it will help you.

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