How to adjust the beam of fiber laser marking machine-Angelina

How to adjust the beam of fiber laser marking machine


Fiber laser marking machine is popular in the market.

The goal of focus adjustment: laser beam is highly concentrated of energy.

The machine cannot mark until the focus is on the surface of the materials.

So, we must remember focus adjustment  before processing.

Below are some details about the focus adjustment, hope it would be helpful.

First of all, starting the machine and enable the up and down switch of motorized pillar.

Secondly,put a piece of metal on the working table.

Draw a square in the center of the marking software (smaller than the metal).

Click the marking button of fiber laser marking machine, press the ‘enter’ key on the keyboard and mark continuously.

Adjust the up and down button on the pillar to find the focus roughly .

And then adjust the manual wheel to find the accurate focus.
Determine the focus: press ENTER to mark continuously, observe the light and listen to the sound while moving the pillar up and down.

When the light is the brightest and the sound is the loudest, it’s the focus of fiber laser marking machine.

After that, disable the up and down switch of the pillar.

How to mark deeply:

1, Increase the power’s current of laser source, and decrease the frequency of laser marking machine.

2, Lower the marking speed and change the filling style. Adjust the focus point.

3, Adjust the beam path with the laser frequency multiplier to achieve the best beam.

4, Clean the optics.