What are the factors that affect the machining accuracy of fiber laser cutting machines? Vicky

Compared with the traditional processing technology, the fiber laser cutting machine has higher processing precision. And better cross-section effect and no need for secondary processing. This is why many companies choose metal laser cutting machines. However, many companies have found that the cutting precision of fiber laser cutting equipment is sometimes not ideal, which affects the subsequent processing. So what factors affect the processing accuracy?


1, processing materials affact machine accuracy

When the laser cutting machine processes metal, the cutting precision is different for different materials. Even with the same material, the precision of the cut will vary if the composition of the material is different. Therefore, the material of the workpiece also has a certain influence on the laser cutting precision. In general, the smoother the material, the higher the processing precision.

Therefore, when processing different metal materials, you can make samples in advance and find out the parameter settings that are most suitable for such materials.

2, the shape of the laser beam affact machine accuracy

The beam emit by the laser of a metal laser cutter is tapered, so the slit is also tapered. The shape of the laser beam is also a major factor affecting the cutting accuracy of the metal laser cutting machine. Collect The smaller the spot after the laser beam, the smaller the slit and the higher the processing accuracy.

Under such a conical laser beam condition, the greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the precision, and therefore the larger the slit. Therefore, when processing different thickness metals, choose the appropriate laser power to get better results.

3, the accuracy of the workbench affact machine accuracy

When the metal laser cutting machine is processed, the table vibrates with the vibration of the laser head. The high-precision workbench with stable linear guides and stepper motors will have higher cutting precision; if the workbench is not flat or for other reasons, it will affect the machining accuracy of the laser cutting machine.

4. Auxiliary gas and nozzle affact machine accuracy

During the machining, the auxiliary gas and nozzle act to clean and control the cutting speed. The presence of uneven pressure and temperature in the airflow can cause changes in the airflow field density, thereby focusing the focus of the beam energy, causing refocusing or beam divergence, affecting metal cutting accuracy.