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Accuracy adjustment of laser cutter

Accuracy adjustment of laser cutter
Accuracy adjustment of laser cutter

During the entire production process of laser cutting machine, the accuracy requirements are also very high, but many times you will find that the equipment you just bought, or that the accuracy of the entire equipment is not so good after being used for a period of time. Accurate, so in this case, how to adjust the accuracy of the laser cutting machine?
Judging from the current situation, in the process of debugging the accuracy of the laser cutting machine, you must look at the above focus. The spot of the focus laser is often easily modulated to the smallest. Then in this case, perform the initial The related setting of the effect of the laser spot determines the position of a series of focal lengths by the size of the spot effect. Of course, as long as you look for the minimum spot of the laser, then the other position is the best processing focal length. Under the circumstances, we can set the location of that place there, and then we can start such a device to work.
In addition, when adjusting the first half of the laser cutting machine, you can also use some different props. For example, the adjustment is often very important. Of course, generally speaking, they can use a variety of different focal lengths for debugging. A lot of accuracy can be mastered, and at the same time, the upper and lower lasers can be moved, because only in this way can the height be controlled to a certain extent, and the size of the laser spot will have various changes, and it will be adjusted many times. Only then can we find the most suitable focal point, and then determine the relevant position.
In addition, after the laser cutting machine is installed, you can definitely slide the line on it, and then simulate the relevant cutting graphics.

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