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About the fiber laser cutting machine


Hi everyone,this is Nora.I want to introduce the fiber laser cutting machine.

This is a machine very complex.It’s made of a lot of parts.What’s more they all important.

First of all,there are several parts of him that we need to understand. The first is his main structure.The first is its main structure, which includes the machine body, worktable, beam and Z-axis.

There are two kinds of machine body, one is tube welding and the other is plate welding. Our H series often use tube welding,but G series often use plate welding.

Then is the worktable,plates or pipes that need to be cut are placed on the worktable. At the same time, there is a tool rest on the work surface.

There are also two kinks of beam:cast aluminum profile and aluminum profile.

Z axis:The role of the Z axis is to place the cutting head.

Then there is the control system of the cutting machine. The control system we often use is FSCUT.

Next is the transmission system, which includs guide rail,rock and motor,reducer.The common brand of guide rail is HIWIN from Taiwan. The rock is YYC and H-WIN. The Motor brands are Yaskawa and Fuji in Japan. The brands of the reducer are Motoreducer of France and EREFAT of Germany.

The most important part of fiber laser cutting machine is the laser source and cutting head. The brands of the laser source are mainly IPG,Raycus and Maxphotonics. The brand of cutting head has WSX,Precitec and Raytools.

Finally, there are the auxiliary systems.The auxiliary system includes water chiller, fan, gas and industrialPC. Our commonly used brand of water cooler is Hanli. Its function is to cool the laser source and cutting head.The function of the fan is to extract air and dust. Gas is also an indispensable part of the cutting machine.

There are three kinds of gases: oxygen, nitrogen and high pressure gas. Cutting different materials using different gases.

Industrial PC is an industrial computer. His brands include Linghua and Advantech.

So that’s what fiber laser cutting machines are made of.