A colorful world on Stainless steel material–Max

Stainless steel material is widely polular to use in various fields, such as construction, kitchen appliance, electronic equipment, vehicles and so on,

because of its corrosion resistance and processability.


People have developed a variety of processing technic for using stainless steel processing, such as grinding, sandblasting, corrosion and so on.

Stainless steel has a silver-white metallic luster. We generally use fixed color paint to spray the surface to make it have more color in practical application, to achieve the effect we want.

For stainless steel surface coloring, it can be chemical coloring method, electrochemical coloring method.
Do you know how the following two-color patterns presented on stainless steel?

Is it paint spraying?


Or it is baking varnish?

Or it is drawing with colors?
Not at all!The answer, it turns out, is Laser Marking.

With the enhancement of environmental awareness, awareness of green processing is growing as well. Traditional spraying technology has been unable to adapt to the needs of the market. Meanwhile, because of the environment, the paint sprayed on the surface of stainless steel may fall off because of corrosion and affect the normal use.
Color Rendering Principle

The principle of stainless steel material color laser marking is using thin-film analyzer to analyze the stainless-steel laser painted surface and found that a thin-film will be produced on the surface of stainless steel under the action of laser.

When light hits the surface of the film after the laser action is shown in the figure below, different colors are generated. What kind of light is strengthened when it interferes depends on the thickness of the stainless steel oxide film. When the light of one of the colors is intensified, the surface of the thin film shows the enhanced color.

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