7 Things to consider before buying a laser cutting machine

Opting for new machinery for manufacturing setup is always an indecisive task, especially when the amount of investment is high. Besides, the capital types of machinery are accountable for executing major production task which means it has to be at par in qualitative and productive elements. The future of a company relies on manufacturing equipment and that makes the decision making process challenging.

Speaking of mighty production machines, Laser cutting machines are one of the major metal processing machines used across the globe. The machines are acknowledged worldwide for precision and speed. On that note, we are going to have rounds of insight over the aspects which should keep in mind before going for a Laser Cutting machine.

Fundamental Manufacturer

A company having in-house R&D has the capability to innovate new products and provide best tailor-made technology to suit customer demand. If you are planning to buy a new laser cutting machine, this should be your starting step to consider the company. In-house R&D has many fits and eventually it reflects overall capability of the company to top of the line laser cutting machines.

Nature of work
Above all, the most significant criteria are what kind of work will be undertaken by a laser cutting machine. This will depend on the nature of your business. Would it be restricted to sheet metal cutting or being a part of an assembly, cutting the components on the go? Once the work is determined, we can opt for a machine as at that point, there will be a clear understanding of the requirements. It enables the buyer to choose an appropriate fit for the factory.

Production Capacity

Another crucial factor that plays a vital role in buying decision of laser cutting machine is the load which the machine is going to bear. How much amount of work will be taken from the laser cutting machine is the fact that should always keep in mind while bringing one at the premise. If the number of production units is high than the dual palate laser machine is advisable and when the workload is comparably low then single palate would work just fine.


If you are starting a new venture, it is natural that you are running with pre-conditioned budget and sometimes the full fledged laser cutting machine from a company may seem a bit off the budget. In such cases, look for machines with Modular Product Architecture (MPA) like 1325S laser cutting machine. This machine comes in with 7 different variables. Even buying the most primitive version of the machine will provide best laser cutting with future capabilities to upgrade its capacity and efficiency.

Laser source

There are diverse types of laser sources available in the market. From the plasma, solid state, Co² to fiber laser their many alternatives utilizes for a specific purpose. For instance, woodcutting will be best executed from Co2 machine whereas, for Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Acrylic, Copper, Brass, and many other materials as well as precision cutting, fiber laser would be the most feasible alternative.

Machine Structure

Perhaps, one of the most undermined factor on the list. Before making a final decision on particular laser cutting machine make sure you’ve understood the materials and processes used to make the machine. Robust make of the structure will define the overall capability of the machine to take vibrations and load. Robust structure is as important as another factor.

Service support

The real test of a laser cutting machine begins after the commencement of the work. There it is being operated over the period of time. Now things get really difficult when this machine breaks down. At that point, to the solution, the entire process should be simple and quick so that the productivity of the machine does not hamper from the malfunction. Look for company which has it’s wide spread service network. Check for the factors like MTTR, MTBF and physical response to make sure you have the best service response.