60w Mopa JPT,fiber laser marking machine for gold silver cutting-Jill

60w Mopa JPT,fiber laser marking machine for gold silver cutting

Most of customers choose 60w Mopa JPT to cut gold silver sheet.

Especially when we use fiber laser marking machine to cut thin metal.

60w Mopa is better than 50w Raycus.

The cutting speed,cutting edege effect is much better.


1.Working videos

First we share some videos for your reference:







Secondly,we explain the reason.

Here we explain why JPT laser cutting speed is faster and more suitable for jewelry cutting.

50w Raycus 60w JPT
Frequency range(KHz) 50-100 1-10000
Adjustable pulse width(ns) 90-150 10-350
Maximum single pulse energy(mj) 1 1.5

Requency range and single pulse energy is higher,the cutting energy and precision is better.
Pulse width changing scope is wider,the cutting edge and cutting effect is better.

It is customer’s feedback that 60w JPT can cut better silver gold.


3.Mahcine model

Thirdly,we can ensure the model.

1)Firstly,mini enclosed

60w Mopa JPT

2)Secondly,mini model

60w Mopa JPT

3)Thirdly,dekstop model

60w Mopa JPT
gold fiber laser marking machine

Also have other model.

More questions just let us know.
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