50w fiber laser marker for 1mm silver cutting-Angelina

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50w fiber laser marker for 1mm silver cutting

Fiber laser marker , as we all know, could not only do surface marking, engraving, but also cut some metals.

However,for those customer who do not have much budget , they may buy one fiber laser cutting machine.

The fiber laser marker with high power would be a better choice.

Besides the 20w machine, the 30w/50w, or even 70w machine could finish cutting work.

For higher power, the thickness it could cut would be more thick, and the cutting speed would be quicker.

Therefor, what kind of power we need choose for different thickness and different material?

1.The different power for different material

Last week, we received one customer from Iraq, he wanted to use our machine cutting silver.

He brought his sample to our  factory, and we arranged the machine for him.

Here first show some photos about the customer visiting factory:

fiber laser marker 50w

He took  the sample into the factory, the thickness of his sliver is 1mm, then we do the test for him.

According to our engineer, we introduce the 50w fiber laser marker to him.

In the end, we totally spent 30 minutes to cut the 1mm silver, below is the samples:

fiber laser marker for silver cuttingfiber laser marker cut silver

Our company is the only one who could cut this max thickness.

Because we are professional in this field, and we have customized special equipment for our customer.

For the precious metal cutting, most of our customers are from jewelry industry.

In this case they have high requirements to the cleanness of the precious metal.

We prepared this equipment to the customer:

fiber laser marker for precious cutting

2.The specification of 50w fiber laser marking machine

Machine Parameters

Technology index XTL-FP50
Laser parameters optical maser Raycus
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Average output power 50w
Whether or not to bring the light isolation                bring
Modulation frequency range 20kHz~80kHz
Galvo parameters Maximum speed 7000mm/s
resolution 0.001mm
Repositioning precision ±0.003mm
Optical output characteristics Marking area  110*110mm
Minimum line width 0.01mm
Minimum height of characters 0.2mm
Cooling system Cooling way Air cooling
System properties Laser power supply 0.5KW/AC220V/50Hz~60Hz (optional 110V)
Manual working table stroke Movements itinerary 285 mm (desktop type)
Environmental requirements 0 ~ 35 ° C, 90% or humidity
weight Net weight 60kg
Gross weight 96kg

If u have precious metal needed cut, and think this passage will bring u some help, pls contact with me:

contact Angelina

Email: xintian118@xtlaser.pl




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