3kw 4kw carbon steel cutting difference-Jill

3kw 4kw carbon steel cutting difference-Jill

Today we would like to share more about 3kw 4kw carbon steel cutting difference.


1,For carbon steel and stainless steel cutting,

3kw can cut up to 18mm carbon steel and 8mm stainless steel/aluminum.

4kw can cut up to 20mm carbon steel and 10mm stainless steel/aluminum.

3kw and 4kw can cut almost same thickness.

For stainless steel cutting,the thicker,cutting speed will be improved.

For carbon steel cutting,the thicker,cutting speed is almost same,but the cutting effect is not same.

Cutting effect can be improved a lot if watt is higher.


2,How to choose the wattage?
Cutting ability(unit:mm):

watt  Oily surface cutting Often cut Limitation cut
(surface not very perfect )
Can only be cut off
3000W 1-8 cs
1-8 ss
(no slag)
1-18 cs
1-8 ss
1-8  alu
1-20 cs
1-22 cs
1-12 ss
1-12 alu
4000W 1-10  cs
1-10 ss
(no slag)
1-20 cs
1-10  ss
1-10 alu
1-22 cs
1-12 alu
1-25 cs
1-16 alu


3, Oily surface cutting effect
For carbon steel cutting,the 100% perfect cutting effect,we name it Oily surface cutting effect.

For higher watt steel cutting,there is no big difference for speed improving(just around 15% faster),
but cutting effect can be improved when the watt is higher.

Oily perfect, surface good effect,can often cut,surface

Which metal do you want to cut? How many thickness do you often cut?

For 3kw machine details,check this article:



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