What is servo motor-Ella

The Yaskawa Electric Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of servos,

motion controllers, AC motor drives, switches and industrial robots.

Their Motoman robots are heavy duty industrial robots used in

welding, packaging, assembly, coating, cutting, material handling and general automation.


1.What is “Servo” ?

At the beginning,the word “servo” comes from the Latin word “servus”

acts according to his master’s instructions and works faithfully and quickly.


To put it simply, servos  conduct follow-up control to a target position and speed.

They are good at moving quickly to a target position therefore adapt to a wide range of high-speed.


2.What can servo do?

Torque control –a current of the motor can control torque.

Speed control – Speed can change in response to a speed reference voltage.

a speed reference input control rotation speed of a motor.

A position reference decides Rotation angle (position) and rotation speed of a motor

When a motor stops, an electrical brake (servo clamp)

is applying to try to save position of the motor.


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