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Laser marking technology have very fast development recently year, and fiber laser marking machine is the most representative one. With the decrease of machine cost, 30w fiber laser marking machine is becoming the most popular one in market.

30w fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine

When fiber laser marking machine rise just now, there is 10w 20w 30w fiber laser marking machine in the market. and 20w laser is most popular. Some customer who don’t have enough budget usually think about 10w laser. Nowadays laser source manufacturing become mature and cost decreasing, 20w laser have lower price than previous 10w laser. so 10w laser have been obsolete since from last year. 20w laser become the lowest power fiber laser marking machine and more and more people select 30w fiber laser marking machine.

What we can do with 30w fiber laser marking machine

  • large marking size

Now many people hope to do large working size such as 200*200mm and 300*300mm. 20w fiber laser marking machine is ok for max 200*200mm. just its laser is little weak. But if we need do 300*300mm working size, we need use 30w laser machine at least.

  • Deep engraving

Deep engraving is very wide application in metal processing fields. With 20w laser machine its working time is so low and the depth is very shallow. If we change it into 30w , the working speed will be much more faster and the depth also can do more.

  • Jewelry engraving and cutting

Jewelry laser engraving and jewelry laser cutting is so wide now. 20w fiber laser marking machine can only normal marking on gold and silver. 30W laser is different. Except normal marking and engraving, also we can use it cut thin gold and silver.


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